Does Sustainable Fashion Exist?

Just 10% of plastic produced is recycled, leaving 13 million tonnes of plastic being dumped into landfills, lake’s and oceans every day! Our marine life is suffering from extensive pollution but fortunately, we can make a difference in so many ways.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion exists, you just need to know where to find it and why it’s so important. 10% of plastic produced is recycled leaving the remaining 13 million tonnes being dumped into landfills, lake’s and oceans every day! The marine life is suffering from pollution but fortunately, we can make a difference.

Our lifestyle choices have a huge impact on the way retailers operate. Within the fashion industry, we’ve become custom to fast fashion. Fast fashion is “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends”. Fortunately there are brands out there that combat this careless style of retail. Cost is the biggest determining factor for the consumer’s purchase, which is regrettably why companies such as Planet Warrior don’t get as much credit as they should

Planet Warrior

Planet Warrior promotes a combination of sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion with its exciting range of activewear products. The company is run by two sisters, who like many of us enjoyed going to the beach and exploring the natural wonders the planet has to offer. The realisation that these experiences might not be available in the future led them to want to make a difference.

Recycled Plastic Yoga Bra – elegant feature back design with criss cross straps £39.00 – Sustainable Fashion

Recycled Plastic Yoga Leggings – with beautiful tropical design and high-waisted fit for maximum comfort £69.00 – Sustainable Fashion

Their products use plastic waste, eco-rubber and all of their packagings is super eco-friendly.

This is one of the few brands out there trying to make a difference. Check them out in our shop or even if you can’t afford much at least follow their social media.

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